Welcome to Plaîs Early Learning

Early Learning Unlike Any Other

Plaîs is a Boutique Early Learning Centre That Aims To Provide Bespoke Education in a Unique Learning Environment.

What Makes Plaîs Unique

Meals & Nutrition

Our expert childcare chef prepares a nourishing menu exclusively for the children, featuring 5 nutritious meals and snacks prepared fresh daily with high-quality ingredients.

Health & Wellbeing

An on-site nurse who is available five days a week to closely monitor the well-being of our young individuals. The nurse will administer specialised programs and provide assistance to both educators and families.

Bespoke Learning Environments

Bespoke environments that are specifically designed to spark imagination and encourage play. These unique spaces are thoughtfully curated to inspire creativity and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Plais Approach

At Plais Early Learning, we embrace the Jean Piaget approach, where our experienced educators carefully design learning experiences that cater to key developmental areas at each stage of your child's journey. With our small classroom sizes, we create an ideal setting to foster growth and unlock the unique potential of every child.

Plais Café

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with our onsite barista, serving delightful coffees to families every weekday. And to make your coffee experience even smoother, we provide QR café ordering, allowing families to order their preferred drinks effortlessly during drop-off.

Early Learning Unlike Any Other

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Do You Want Bespoke Education?

At Plais Early Learning, we deliver a unique environment that promotes exploration & imagination. We deliver superior resources, education & care for children from six weeks to school age.


15 Abbott Street,

Camp Hill QLD 4152



T: (07) 3184 3433

E: director@plaiscamphill.com.au